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Happy 28th Birthday VFW Veterans Village

Happy 28th Birthday to the VFW Veterans Village!!!
On October 13th, 1991 the doors first opened at the VFW Veterans Village!!!!
On behalf of the current residents, formal residents and those residents that have passed away, we want to thank all that have had a hand in keeping this dream alive at the VFW Veterans Village! It was a bit complex and rocky at the beginning, and early on some did not believe in its vision, but the perseverance of a few has made the quality of life for thousands a reality. For the second year in a row collectively, we have surpassed our projected unfunded budget! Residency continues to increase, maintenance inside and outside our campus continues to be a priority, and friends of the “Village” are participating both financially and volunteer their time in our Village.
As in anything successful, within the VFW or in any business endeavor, there are always a few that deleteriously have their own prophecy. Lucky for the VFW Veterans Village, we continue to strive and keep our focus on taking care of Veterans and what we can control. You may not know this, but we receive ZERO funding from local, state or federal government. This allows us the opportunity to focus on taking care of Veterans 100% of our time.
I must say thank you to the Village board members, all the VFW Post’s and Auxiliaries across the great state of Florida, and to all the friends of the Village! But most important to the staff that has worked with me since September 2008 (through the good and bad times). And again, as we have reshaped the vision of the Village and have improved the quality of life for the thousands of men and women that have partaken in the day to day operations of the Village as residents. This process is not easy, but together as a team, we arrive each day to take care of the Veterans, widows, and spouses that live in the Village and try to put a smile on their faces in Fort McCoy, FL.
Finally, since my tenure at the VFW Veterans Village, the residents have not had a rent increase since 2008! That within itself is an amazing feat, with the cost of living increases each year. I am always asked, how do we do it? We do this by doing more with less, by fundraising, traveling to visit the post, auxiliaries, Veterans groups, colleges, high schools ROTC’s, etc… Almost every weekend there is a staffer somewhere promoting the Village. This is more than just a job; we are passionate and honored to represent the Village as it continues to excel as it has in the last twenty-eight years! We will be at the Market of Marion this weekend in support of the October Ocala Jeep Feast, this club donated $10,000 to the Village last year.
God Bless you all & remember that this is “YOUR” Village, we just manage it and put the caring inside of it for you!
Scouts Out
Alcides Lugo, Jr, LTC, USA (R), Director